How It All Started

Allan and Albert were partners in a company which supplied engineering products and services to the international fibre cement industry before establishing Forever Shining. Allan had a daughter Nicole, who was very vibrant, artistic, energetic, talented, a go-getter and high achiever in life.

However luck was not on her side as she was diagnosed with a serious brain tumour while she was in her 5th year of medical studies. She did not let this hamper her determination to become a doctor whereby she successfully completed her medical degree even after undergoing brain surgery.

Any other person in similar circumstance would have given up in life. Nicole was not like that, and successfully completed her internship even though she was battling a fatal brain tumour. Unfortunately, she passed away while pursuing her specialist training and studies.

It was after her death that Allan and Albert realized it was useless using conventional monuments as it was not Nicole’s style. They had also met some people who had lost a loved one, and were also unhappy with the available memorials.

This was when Allan and Albert realized that loved ones wanted a beautiful, stylish and long lasting monument, much different from the available options. The engineers they were, Allan and Albert used their knowledge and expertise to produce modern, colourful and long lasting memorials which required low maintenance.

They started out with a prototype consisting of a full size stainless steel monument with motifs backed by glass which produced vibrant colours, and patented laser cut inscriptions. This was the monument which was displayed on New Inventors on ABC Television.

This was the start, and since then, lots of research and development has led to a wide, expanded range of products. They included headstones, urns, full memorials, signs, architectural products and personalized memorabilia made using various materials like stainless steel, crystal, glass, porcelain, granite and bronze.

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