International Customers

You will know if a company has a high level of credibility with the type of customers it has. Local customers cement the country in its own territory, but international customers establish it on a global scale. More types of clients are involved here. This is how well that company provides their products and services.

International customers help companies build a longer client list. They also provide important information to the companies that cater to them, in terms of preferences and common materials. This allows the company to put more effort in developing their mode of reach to potential customers.

We, at Forever Living, make sure that we cater to our international clients. If you’re one of them, you can always place your order through our website. The design section of each product has the detailed quotes you need.

The prices you see on the site will have a 10% deduction because of the Australian GST removal. The removal of the Australian GST is for specific products ordered by international customers. International freight charges will then be added to the designated prices. If you need a clear and more individualized computation of your order, you can always email us. This way, you can determine your individual freight cost.

Use any of the approved payment methods in our site. Once your payment is clear, we will start processing your order. Remember that a full payment is a requirement for International orders. This payment includes the freight charges. After the payment is confirmed and cleared, we will accept your order and process it.

The delivery of products takes time and patience. With our hands-on techniques, we make sure that you get your items in tiptop condition, without any type of damage at all.