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Forever Shining are leaders and innovators in the design and construction of memorials

From our patented online 3D Design system, to our durable and study stainless steel memorials, Forever Shining are global leaders in monumental and design innovation. From our inception, we have used our engineering and technological prowess to construct memorials that are truly spectactular.

The concept for the 3D Design system came from our increasing demand for customers to visualise their memorials, especially those who live in remote areas of Australia where the nearest stonemason could be several hundred kilometers away, or even in an entirely different city. Our online design system allows you to construct a memorial in real time, seeing it come to life right before your eyes in your web browser. The system is coded using Flash, so it will work in any Flash Player compatible web browser.

What began as an experiment in monumental visualisation has evolved into a truly modular, adaptable and customisable design system that could literally be applied to any engineering-centric product. It provides our customers with the ability to sit with their family and friends, and design a memorial that’s truly special.

We are constantly developing our systems to keep up with current day standards. We are presently developing a mobile compatible, HTML5/WebGL version of our design system, to allow modern day mobiles, tablets and browsers to seamlessly work with a world where Flash is going by the wayside. This will also end up being lighter, faster, and more user-friendly than our older design system than our previous flash iterations.

If you’d like to find out more on how to use our 3D Design System, please follow the links below.

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