We are a family owned and operated business delivering monuments Australia Wide and Overseas.

We are willing to assist with shipping, but we take no responsibility for loss or incorrectly stated excise.

Our company, Forever Shining, is a family owned and operated business based in Australia. We are a designer and manufacturer of personalised memorials and a selection of architectural creations. Forever Shining creates durable, well-built memorials and allows the purchaser to select and personalise the style and kind of memorial that best commemorates what type of person the deceased was in life. All of the memorials we create require very little maintenance and are engineered to last for generations to come.

You can now remember loved ones with a special memorial that stands up to weather and time without cracking or crumbling. The inscription also will stay clear throughout the years without showing wear.

Forever Shining artistically blends old and new materials, such as granite, stainless steel, glass, crystal and bronze with up-to-date designs and styles, which satisfy the desires and requirements of the consumers of today. Our customers can easily access our unique, Internet design and ordering process that enables them to personalise their order with memories and features pertinent to their deceased loved ones, all from the comfort of their favourite place. Home.

Customers can edit, save and order from their homes without the need to travel to one of our locations. After a customer orders online, we skilfully manufacture the personalised memorial, according to all customer specifications and deliver it to all points within and outside of Australia. Forever Shining produces the following types of products:

The majority of our business transactions happen online, but we also have showrooms throughout Australia. Our three showroom locations are available in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Call us on (08) 6191 0396 to schedule a showroom appointment. A variety of cemeteries, funeral directors, stonemasons and other companies also feature our products.

When a special someone passes away, it is important to commemorate their memory with a fitting memorial that exhibits why they will always have your love and respect. They etched their memories into your heart. Let Forever Shining etch their memories into Stone, Steel, Glass and Bronze, so that their memories can shine forever.

Distributors and customers can design and place orders for personalised memorials online using the Forever Shining website.

Customers and distributors can design and order their own personalised memorial online at forevershining.com.au.

We also do a lot of public art projects through our sister company Artforms.

If you require something a little more customised than what our Online Design tools can provide, you are more than welcome to contact our design and engineering team to assist you with any requests you may have for your memorial.

We understand how hard it is to choose the right memorial for your loved one, you are welcome to visit one of our many showrooms or design a memorial in the comfort of your home.

Head office / Showroom

Perth – Unit 6/13 Port Kembla Drive, Bibra Lake, WA 6163
Contact Albert on 0419 945 950
Forever Shining Team on (08) 6191 0396 or 1300 851 181

Forever Shining Distributors

Melbourne Distributor – Unit 3/1 Rosella Street, Frankston, VIC 3199
Contact Mel on 0400 236 699 or (03) 9770 6893

Sydney Distributor – 165 Hume Highway, Greenacre, NSW 2190
Contact Chris on 0412 388 881

How It All Started

Allan and Albert were partners in a company which supplied engineering products and services to the international fibre cement industry before establishing Forever Shining. Allan had a daughter Nicole, who was very vibrant, artistic, energetic, and talented. A real go-getter and high achiever in her life.

However luck was not on her side as she was diagnosed with a serious brain tumour while she was in her 5th year of medical studies. She did not let this hamper her determination to become a doctor, whereby she successfully completed her medical degree even after undergoing brain surgery.

Any other person in similar circumstance would have given up in life. Nicole was not like that, she successfully completed her internship even though she was battling a fatal brain tumour. Unfortunately, she passed away while pursuing her specialist training and studies.

It was after her death that Allan and Albert realized it was useless using conventional monuments as it was not Nicole’s style. They had also met some people who had lost a loved one, and were also unhappy with the available memorials. As engineers, they worked together to design a truly fitting memorial which captured Nicole’s vibrant and exciting life. They used the latest in technologies, combined with their decades of engineering experience to create a truly stunning memorial which still stands to this very day.

After others saw Nicole’s beautiful memorial, others soon began to approach Allan and Albert about having the memories of their loved ones immortalised in the same way as Nicole, using Forever Shining’s innovative Laser Etching technology. The pair soon realised that those coming to them wanted a beautiful, stylish and long lasting monument, much different from the available options that most cemeteries can provide. The engineers they were, Allan and Albert used their knowledge and expertise to produce modern, colourful and long lasting memorials which required low maintenance.

They started out with a prototype consisting of a full size stainless steel monument with motifs backed by glass which produced vibrant colours, and patented laser cut inscriptions. This was the monument which was displayed on New Inventors on ABC Television. They were also recognised by the ASSDA (Australian Stanless Steel Distributors Association) as an innovator in the use of Stainless Steel products.

ASSDA Article – Forever Shining Stainless Steel Memorials

This was the start, and since then, lots of research and development has led to a wide, expanded range of products. They included headstones, urns, full memorials, signs, architectural products and personalized memorabilia made using various materials like stainless steel, crystal, glass, porcelain, granite and bronze. Our Innovation has also spread into the world of software, where our online design systems allow people to design memorials from the comfort of their own home wherever an internet connection is available.

In this time of need, we are here to help. If you wish to find out more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.