Payment Methods

An online shopper relies on secure and safe payment methods. As you know, identity theft and credit card fraud are very frightening. You can easily become a victim, if the payment method you use is not credible enough. Many consumers fall victim to these crimes because of their online presence. If they happen to shop online and provide their information in a careless way, their personal information can be taken easily.

Smart consumers choose their shopping sites very well. They always make sure the site provides quality products with reasonable prices and a high level of payment security. It can be a challenge to look for such a site. Fortunately, you can rely on us for the security that you need for your payments. Below are the payment methods we use:

      • B-Pay—This is Australia’s leading payment service. It enables you to make safe payments through 150 financial institutions, including credit unions and banks.
      • Direct Funds Transfer—You can also use this to wire the funds directly to our site’s account.
      • Secure Credit Card—This method enables you to use your credit card to make payments. All you need to do is provide your credit card information through our secure payment page and you are all set.
      • Check—You can also issue a funded check to us via mail delivery.
      • Money Order—You can avail this option from a bank or from your post office.

We will process your order immediately, as soon as we receive your payment.

For international orders, we do require a full payment for any order. This includes freight charges during the time you placed the order. Our bank should clear the funds first before we receive and process your order.

Our company relies on trust from clients like you. We only want you to feel comfortable and happy, every time you purchase from us.