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Forever Shining is working with Westpac to ensure that all online transactions that come through our business are secured. We also take Secure payments through PayPal, an online service which hides your credit card information and ensures that payments can be tracked.

About Westpac

Australia is proud to have Westpac Banking Corporation as its first bank. It was founded in 1817. Currently, it controls financial entities in the near Pacific region, New Zealand, and Australia. It also has key financial centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and New York. An estimate of 595,000 institutions and people overseas and in Australia are all shareholders in Westpac. Its wide web of clients and affiliations only prove that Westpac is one of the leading financial systems in the world.

Westpac currently serves about 13 Million customers worldwide. The following are its divisions, which help make transactions easier:

      • New Zealand Banking. This division provides wealth, insurance, and banking products to institutional, business, and consumer clients in New Zealand.
      • WIB (Westpac Institutional Bank). WIB delivers a various financial services to government, corporate, institutional, and commercial customers, which are connected to New Zealand and Australia.
      • St. George Banking Group. This provides services, sales to corporate, and SME customers in Australia.
      • BTFG (BT Financial Group Australia). As Westpac’s insurance and wealth business in Australia, BTFG brands include BT, Advance Asset Management, Asgard, Licensee Select, Ascalon, Securitor, and BT Select. It handles the insurance operations, advice, and private banking operations of Westpac, St. George, and Bank of Melbourne.
      • Westpac RBB (Westpac Retail & Business Banking). This division handles the customer service and sales of agribusiness, commercial, and small-to-medium enterprise clients, under Westpac, in Australia.

With Westpac’s proud, long-standing history as Australia’s oldest financial institution, you can be certain of the safety we provide with your every order.

Our website uses Westpac’s credit card system, which is very reliable and secure. You can be confident in the fact that your Visa and MasterCard payments are safe and can never be used in fraud. Every time you pay in our site, Westpac’s 128-bit encryption takes excellent care of your card information.
Westpac use 128 bit SSL encryption.


However, if you feel that you prefer not to use your credit card, or if you do not wish to disclose your card information directly to the website, you can make Credit Card payments via PayPal, another secure payment service which allows you to transfer money from peer to peer by means of a secure account system. PayPal offers Buyer Protection against purchasing fraud. When Payments are made via PayPal, we do not see the card number that makes the purchase. All we see is your PayPal ID and the amount that you send us.

If you wish to make payments via PayPal, you can contact us. We’ll give you our details, and we can also show you what to do in order to pay for your order with this service.

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