Ceramic Image Overlay


Key Features

A ceramic photo overlay is a coloured, glazed ceramic image of a photo or image that is fixed to the face of a design. Ceramic photos are available in specific sizes only and are oval or rectangular shaped. A ceramic photo overlay has a partially domed face with a maximum thickness of approximately 8mm. The edges are smooth and rounded.

During the manufacturing process ceramic photo overlays are fired at 1000 degrees centigrade and have an anticipated life exceeding 100 years.

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Ceramic photo overlays are colour images made from glazed, ceramic material, and they are suitable for inclusion on memorials. Overlays such as these are available in both rectangular of oval shapes and in our preset sizes. Their semi-domed faces are 8mm at their thickest point. All overlays contain round, smooth edges. The glazing and firing process provides the overlays with a glossy, glasslike finish that will last 100+ years.

Ordering Information

You select the size and shape of your overlay at our website when you order one for a new memorial. After this step, you upload a digital image into the site or send us a traditional photograph to set the design of this ceramic piece. In addition, you select where on the memorial we will install the overlay. The subject of the image or the photograph can be a person, animal or other item pertinent to the specific memorial. Your image or photograph also can be in either black and white or colour, as both types are suitable for ceramic overlays.

Supply us with only high quality, high-resolution photographs or JPG images along with additional instructions if any, such as “fading”, for optimum results. We will return all photographs back to you upon completion of the overlay. Remember that you need the written permission of the owner to use a copyrighted or trademarked image or photograph.

Please contact our company when you wish to add a ceramic photo overly to a present memorial. You also have the option to add text to any overlay you order, but again you need to call us at 1300 851 181 or email us to make arrangements. We charge extra for the addition of text and we figure this cost on the time and effort it requires to complete the task.

Text Additions

Should you wish to have some text added to your overlay, please contact us directly by email or on 1300 851 181. Addition of text to an overlay will incur graphic design charges which will depend on the complexity and time involved.