Granite Inlay


Key Features

A granite inlay is essentially a granite overlay that has been recessed into the face of a stainless steel design. A granite inlay is 10mm thick, polished black granite with a photo of your choosing laser etched into the face of the granite. The finished face of the granite inlay is approximately 4mm above the face of the stainless steel design.

The anticipated life expectancy of the laser etched image in polished black granite exceeds 200 years.

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Do you want to memorialize your loved one for centuries to come? A granite Inlay may be just the thing to provide you with a way to memorialize the image of your loved one for centuries.

Granite Inlays involve laser etching the image of your loved one directly into polished black granite giving it a life expectancy of over 200 years. The inlay is recessed into a stainless steel design and is 10mm thick with 4 mm exposed above the design face.

When designing your inlay whether for yourself or your loved one, we will need a high quality image from you. This image can be of anything you want to place on the inlay, if the image is copyrighted, please obtain permission to use the image. It should be black and white. As a guide if the finished product is 100mm x 100 mm the image file we receive should be somewhere between 500kb-1mb, if it is 400 x 400mm the image file should be 4-5mb, if submitted electronically via our website. Hard copies can also be used and can be returned. Please contact us directly if you would like to add text to your overlay. These additions will incur graphic charges based on complexity and labour. Your inlay can be circular, oval, square or rectangular ranging in size from 65mm diameter to 400 x 400 mm square.