Lifetime Image Overlay


Key Features

A lifetime image overlay is fine milled aluminium alloy approximately 1mm thick with an image of your choosing etched into the face of the aluminium.

The technology “opens the pores” of the aluminium and “roughens the walls” of those pores to enable dyes to be printed into, not onto, the anodic layer. A thermochemical sealing process then locks in the dyes and the resultant image possesses remarkable longevity characteristics. This product comes with a 10 year unconditional guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship and the life of the product is expected to be far greater than 10 years.

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Headstones are important in a person’s grieving process as it reminds you of how your loved one lived their life. Families left behind thus want to have a special headstone, like one with a lifetime image overlay.

Lifetime image overlays comprise of about 1 mm thick fine milled aluminium alloy with your chosen image etched into its face.  Advanced technology is used to ‘open’ aluminium pores and ‘roughen’ its walls so that dyes can be printed into, and not onto the anodic layer.

The dyes are then locked in using a thermochemical sealing process to prolong the image’s life. While the headstone comes with a 10 year unconditional guarantee against any faulty workmanship or materials, its expected lifespan is much longer.

Making new memorials

You can supply any image like a person or logo. It can be black and white or colour and can be easily uploaded to the lifetime image through Forever Shining website.

We cannot produce a good quality image on your headstone if you send us a poor quality image. Make sure you provide us with good quality images in jpg or hard copy with any special instructions like ‘Remove background’.

The supplied electronic image’s file size depends on your chosen’s image’s physical size. If a suitably sized electronic image is not available, please send us a good quality hard copy photo. We will scan it into our systems and return it to you with the finished product. A 500kb to 1mb file size is usually enough for a 100mm x 100mm sized image while a 3mb to 5mb file size is required for bigger images sized 300mm x 300 mm. Trademarked or copyrighted images require written permission from its owner.

Lifetime images can have any shape; oval, circle, square or rectangle ranging from 30mm diameter to 300mm x 300mm square. Choose your desired shape and size, and its location and orientation in Forever Shining website’s design section. If you plan to use larger lifetime images than mentioned above, contact us via phone or email to confirm its price and availability.

Existing memorials

Contact us if you need an overlay for existing memorials.

Text Additions

Should you wish to have some text added to your overlay, please contact us directly by email or on 1300 851 181. Addition of text to an overlay will incur graphic design charges which will depend on the complexity and time involved.