Porcelain Photo Inlay


Key Features

A porcelain photo inlay is a coloured, glazed porcelain image of a photo or image that is recessed into the face of a stainless steel design. A porcelain photo inlay has a flat face with a thickness ranging from 6.5mm to 10mm, depending on the size of the inlay. The finished face of the porcelain photo inlay is flush with the face of the stainless steel design.

During the manufacturing process porcelain photo inlays are fired at 800 degrees centigrade and have an anticipated life well exceeding 100 years.

Designing Your Porcelain Photo Inlay

The image for the porcelain photo overlay is supplied by you and may be of a person, logo or other image that you may wish to have on your design. The image may be black and white or colour.

Ensure that only good quality images (jpg or hard copy) are supplied to us together with any special instructions, e.g. “Remove background”. We cannot produce a good quality image on our product if we are supplied with a poor quality image to start with. Furthermore, the file size of the electronic image supplied is dependent on the physical size of the image required. If the finished image size is approximately 100mm x 100mm a file size in the range 500kb to 1mb is usually satisfactory. If the finished image size is more like 180mm x 240mm a file size in the range of 2mb to 3mb is usually required. If a suitably sized electronic image is not available for production purposes, please supply us with a good quality hard copy photo which we can scan into our system. The hard copy photo can be returned with the finished product.

Photos of copyright or trade mark images will require written permission from the owner of the copyright or trademark.

You can choose the size that you require and upload an image onto the porcelain photo overlay via the Forever Shining website. You also choose the location and orientation of the porcelain photo on your design.

Text Additions

Should you wish to have some text added to your overlay, please contact us directly by email or on 1300 851 181. Addition of text to an overlay will incur graphic design charges which will depend on the complexity and time involved.