About Forever Shining

We are a family owned and operated business delivering monuments Australia Wide and Overseas.

Our company, Forever Shining, is a family owned and operated business based in Australia. We are a designer and manufacturer of personalised memorials and a selection of architectural creations. Forever Shining creates durable, well-built memorials and allows the purchaser to select and personalise the style and kind of memorial that best commemorates what type of person the deceased was in life. All of the memorials we create require very little maintenance and are engineered to last for generations to come.

You can now remember loved ones with a special memorial that stands up to weather and time without cracking or crumbling. The inscription also will stay clear throughout the years without showing wear.

Forever Shining artistically blends old and new materials, such as granite, stainless steel, glass, crystal and bronze with up-to-date designs and styles, which satisfy the desires and requirements of the consumers of today. Our customers can easily access our unique, Internet design and ordering process that enables them to personalise their order with memories and features pertinent to their deceased loved ones, all from the comfort of their favourite place. Home.

Customers can edit, save and order from their homes without the need to travel to one of our locations. After a customer orders online, we skilfully manufacture the personalised memorial, according to all customer specifications and deliver it to all points within and outside of Australia. Forever Shining produces the following types of products:

The majority of our business transactions happen online, but we also have showrooms throughout Australia. Our three showroom locations are available in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Call us on (08) 6191 0396 to schedule a showroom appointment. A variety of cemeteries, funeral directors, stonemasons and other companies also feature our products.

When a special someone passes away, it is important to commemorate their memory with a fitting memorial that exhibits why they will always have your love and respect. They etched their memories into your heart. Let Forever Shining etch their memories into Stone, Steel, Glass and Bronze, so that their memories can shine forever.

Distributors and customers can design and place orders for personalised memorials online using the Forever Shining website.

Customers and distributors can design and order their own personalised memorial online at forevershining.com.au.

We also do a lot of public art projects through our sister company Artforms.

If you require something a little more customised than what our Online Design tools can provide, you are more than welcome to contact our design and engineering team to assist you with any requests you may have for your memorial.