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Forever Shining, as a monument company, is unique in the fact that it permits you to not only order a monument for your purposes, but also design one. You might be ordering something with which to remember a loved one for the foreseeable future, or perhaps you are going to far as to create a plaque from granite.

Motifs are also one of our specialties as you can not only choose the type of shape, but also the colour of the glass. One of our most popular, of course, has been the two color motif. We have many different options, all of which are designed to fit a different occasion. With all of this available to you however the one big underlying question, is going to be how much it all costs.

We have two great methods of price checking when it comes to your motif or memorial, the first being to ‘check as you design’ tool. Unlike many other memorial sites, we offer you the opportunity to use a tool that easily fabricates your idea memorial, and during the design process, you can check the price to ensure you are not going above and beyond your means. In addition to that, you can always contact us, which is helpful if you are planning to order something  not on the page, or something a bit larger than what we normally handle.

See the Design Your Product page for more information on designing your product.

Otherwise, if you would prefer to get directly in contact with one of our friendly staff, don’t hesitate to contact us.