One Colour Raised Glass Motif


Key Features

The Raised glass-backed motif is produced by cutting from 3mm marine-grade stainless steel a section of steel in the shape of the chosen pattern and infilling that perimeter with coloured glass. The glass is retained in position by a marine-grade stainless steel edging. You choose the colour of the glass during the design process.

Motifs are a great way to add a little extra something to a memorial for yourself and your loved one. We offer a wide variety of options to ensure that you can find the perfect addition to your memorial.

One-Colour Raised motifs – These motifs are a solid single colour crafted in stainless steel and glass. The design is cut into steel with steel edging to hold it in place and a backing of beautiful coloured glass that shines though in a bold and elegant design.

Two-colour Raised motifs – We offer a wide selection of two –colour motif designs, These designs are crafted of a two colour glass backing and steel cut overlay with steel edging for a design that will last for ages.

Stainless steel Motifs – This style of motifs are solid Stainless Steel and polished brilliantly to last for generations.

One-Colour motifs – Glass backed motifs are etched directly into surface of the headstone or memorial and are beautiful additions to any tombstone or memorials. They offer a beautiful recessed pattern.

Two – colour motifs – Beautiful two colour etched designs that create a stunning recessed pattern cut directly into your memorial or tombstone.

Artwork Motifs- Laser etched for stunning lines and are perfect additions to a wide range of memorials and tombstones, with over 5000 designs to choose from there is sure to be something perfect for you or your loved one.

Our motifs are designed to make your memorial or tombstone uniquely yours.