Design Your Product

You can start exploring our product range from the product selection on the
Home page or by browsing the Product Range page. On finding a product you like, click the ‘Click here to design’ button to reach the Design Your Own (DYO) page for the product.

Our DYOs come in tutorial and non-tutorial versions- first time users should select the tutorial version to make designing your product easy. You basically have to choose a size, shape and perhaps stand and border type for your product.

To add an inscription to the design, choose a font, size, colour and position it to suit your design. If this is your first time, it’s better to add just 3-4 lines at a time till you grow familiar at sizing and positioning your design text.

Now add a motif to the design. You can choose from raised glass, bronze, glass backed, stainless steel and laser-etched artwork motifs. As all motifs are not available for all products, check the icons on the DYO’s left hand menu to find out which motifs are available for your chosen product.

Porcelain inlays and outlays, ceramic photos, laser etched granite images, lifetime images and laser etched granite inlays and overlays are the image choices you can choose from to add to your design. While not all images are available for all products, the icons on the DYO’s screen upper right corner show which images are availed for whatever you design.

All you need is to click ‘Check Price’ on the lower left hand menu of the DYO anytime you want to get an itemized price for all your design elements. You can then return to your design and delete unwanted elements from the design by highlighting the element and clicking ‘Delete’.

Happy with the design, you can store it in your saved designs. Log in to your saved designs on our site anytime in the future by entering your email address and password. You can now edit or buy your design, email it to friends and relatives or save it to your hard drive.

We hope you enjoyed designing your memorial at home and look forward to receiving your order in the future. If you still find that you are stuck or have any other technical issues with the Design Your Own software, You can either call us on +61 8 6191 0396 or send us an email.

Order Your Product

How to order your product

You can order any of your saved designs by logging in to your Saved Designs page. If you haven’t saved a design yet, just check out our product range or take a look at our Catalogue.

On our Products page, Click on the ‘Click here to design’ button when you find something you like. You will then taken to the Design Your Own (DYO) page of the product you’d chosen where you will have the ability to design your memorial.