Bronze Memorial Plaques

Key Features

Bronze plaques are a recent addition to our range of funerary products to satisfy those customers who prefer a traditional material.

Our bronze plaques are cast and painted, and then the top surface of the inscription, motifs and border is machined to highlight the natural bronze colour. The background is painted with a high quality paint of a colour selected by our customer. When the manufacturing operation is complete, the whole plaque is sealed with a high quality clear lacquer that helps to preserve the bright shiny colour of the natural bronze.

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Designing Your Plaque

As a customer you have the opportunity to personalise the design of your plaque using the exclusive design section of our website.

Within this very simple design system, you start by selecting the preferred shape, size, background colour and border of your plaque and drafting your personalized inscription with a choice of fonts.

You may upload your own image, which can be added to your design as an image overlay with a choice of enduring materials.

We have also made available an extensive library of thousands of motifs for you to choose from. These motifs will be raised and of the same bronze colour as the border motifs and the inscription.

At any time during the design process, you can click the check price button to determine the price of the design.

You may save and edit your design as often as you want, and email your saved designs to family and friends. Once you are completely happy with your design, you can order online.

Cemetery Requirements

Various cemeteries have different requirements and limitations on the size of plaques that they allow to be installed on their property. There is no reason why a Forever Shining stainless steel plaque cannot be installed in any cemetery. Before an order is placed for one of our plaques these issues should be discussed between the customer and the cemetery to ensure that the needs of all parties are satisfied.

Trademarks and Copyrights

If there is a trademark or copyright associated with an image or logo that is required on a plaque, please ensure that written permission for us to reproduce the image or logo is provided by the owner of the trademark or copyright and that permission is supplied with the order. The order will not be processed without that permission.


A beautiful bronze plaque is a permanent and lasting memorial to your loved one and a place for you and others to visit in the cemetery to reflect on and remember the life of the deceased.

Alternative Uses

Our bronze plaques are also ideal for use as signs or in architectural products.


Plaque Border

If you would like to add a border, there are ten different border motifs to choose from.


We can make any custom shape upon request, please contact us for more details

All classic shapes are available in our online design system


Size Range

Landscape : 100 x 60 mm to 560 x 400 mm (~4″ x 2″ to ~22″ x 16″)
Portrait : 60 x 100 mm to 400 x 560 mm (~2″ x 4″ to ~16″ x 22″)
Square : 100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm (~4″ x 4″ to ~16″ x 16″)

Mounting Your Plaque

Plaques can be supplied with corner fixing holes. Fixing instructions are supplied with the plaque.


Choosing Photos:

• Select original photos in colour or black and white, preferably not photos of photos or photocopies.

• Avoid photos with poor contrast, make sure blacks are black and whites are white, with a good range of tones.

• Photos that need ‘Photoshop’ work to remove creases, tears, stains, etc will incur extra charges.

• If only part of a photo is to be used, please specify clearly which part. Also, specify a background preference if the background is to be omitted.

Scanning Photos:

• Ensure photos are not in frames and don’t have protective layers before scanning.

• If you choose the ‘preview’ option before you scan, you can avoid scanning parts of the image you don’t need.

• Generally, a resolution of 150 dpi – 300 dpi will ensure a good quality image.

• Ensure the scanner bed is clean and dust-free.

• We accept image files as – PNG, PSD, JPEG, TIFF. As a general rule 5 – 10 Mb file size is acceptable quality for the average photo size.

• If using JPEG or jpg format, saved with maximum quality.

• We do accept photos by post but please include a stamped self-addressed envelope if you would like it returned.

If you want to read more tricks and tips on how you can enhance the overall quality of the picture plaques, please visit the article on our US website.