Today it’s possible to personalize headstones and other memorial products, and when you want to add a unique, special look to a portrait, plaque, or headstone, you may want to choose an appropriate motif. Motifs offer a beautiful way to adorn the portrait, headstone, plaque, or other product you choose. Not only do they enhance the design of the product, but they offer a lovely way to commemorate the importance the item played in your loved one’s life.

We offer a wide selection of motifs, which allows you to find the perfect option to celebrate the life of a loved one. From beautiful birds to stunning butterflies, there’s something special for everyone.

Some of the motifs that we offer are also available for separate ordering.

Motifs are adornments that are added to the design of a headstone, plaque, portrait, etc. to enhance the design and act as a reminder of the importance that such items played in the life of the deceased. During the memorial design process, you may select one or more suitable shapes from those available on our web site and place them on your design.

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