Forever Shining provides variety in gravestones, including sizes and shapes.

Headstones stand at the head of a burial site or are mounted as a memorial section on the top of a ledger panel. Typical shapes are square and rectangular.

The slab is typically placed upright at the head of a grave. The basic message includes the name, date of birth and death, and a brief message regarding the deceased.

Other shapes are available to identify the unique personality or calling of the departed.

Custom shaped cemetery headstones can be requested and designed.

If a ledger is placed over the grave, the headstone and other memorial objects can be placed at the head of the grave.

There is also a spot to mount the headstone directly on the kerb placed around the ledger.

The ledger panel provides several options of placing the marker to honor the decedent while displaying its information to all who pass by.

During the stressful time following a loved one’s death, you can rely on our professionals to assist you and answer your questions regarding a headstone.

Discover the wide range of headstones available at Forever Shining. Each is designed to fit the needs of the family or person responsible for ordering the slab, which can be customised to deliver a message, quote, or important piece of information.

If a non-standard variety from our website attracts your attention or you prefer a different shape, call or email us with your inquiry. We will set an appointment to discuss and design the memorial.

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