Memorial Plaques

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It’s difficult to capture all nuances of someone’s character in a few words and an image, so Forever Shining offers a diverse range of plaque memorial products to let our customers truly capture their happiest moments.

We offer an extensive range of memorial plaques, most of which are available to design online.

We allow customers to completely customise the design of all of our plaques, whether it be through our online design tools, or through a studio or email consultation.

These allow you to design a unique memorial plaque with your own choice of text, images, and motifs.

We offer a variety of materials, including bronze, stainless steel, granite or porcelain, with a variety of engraving and inscription types.

The laser in our Perth design centre provides our customers with an exciting product which allows individual designs to be engraved into stone.

Over the past decade our product range has grown and we are proud of the service we offer to our wide customer base.

Our dedication to delivering a level of excellence and utmost quality has led to many of our customers returning to us for repeat orders when the need arises.

We offer an extensive range of memorial plaques, most of which are available to design online.

Design Your Own

With our patented online design tools, you can design memorial products anywhere or get our professional design team to design one for you.

Granite Plaque

Granite Plaque

Black granite plaque with laser-etched inscriptions, photos and motifs. Many other options including photo overlays.

Traditional Engraved Plaque

Traditional Engraved Plaque

Our traditional inscription granite or standalone plaques have been designed to compliment our range of funerary products and satisfy the needs of those customers who wish to continue to use a traditional material for their memorial.

These plaques are available in many different granite colours as well as standalone, together with 9 different colours of inscription and artwork motif to choose from.

A polished granite/standalone plaque will not oxidise or readily deteriorate thereby maintaining good looks for many years.

Bronze Plaque

Bronze Plaque of Marilyn Monroe

Cast bronze plaque with painted background and natural bronze inscriptions, border and motifs. Durable clear lacquer seal.

Vitreous Enamel Plaques

Vitreous Enamel Plaque

Durable steel plaque with an enamel and glass coating. Vitreous Enamel plaques feature full colour images with photographic quality, with a toughened glass layer to protect against rock chips, stone chips and scratches. An old signmaking technique brought to the 21st century!

Stainless Steel Light Reflective Plaques

stainless steel reflective plaque

Stainless steel plaque with reflective glass-backed inscriptions and motifs. Many options available

Thin Stainless Steel Plaque

Stainless Steel Yag Laser Plaque

Attractively priced high quality stainless steel product with YAG laser-etched inscriptions and artwork motifs.

Stainless Steel Light Transmitting Plaques

Stainless Steel Plaque with Glass Backing

Stainless steel plaque with light-transmitting glass inscriptions and motifs. Many other options including photo inlays and overlays.

Marble Stone Portrait

Oval Portrait plaque

Granite or marble stone portrait with near photographic quality images of your favourite photos as well as laser-etched inscriptions and motifs.

Porcelain Plaque

vitreous enamel plaque with stainless steel frame

Kiln-fired porcelain plaque with full-colour photographic quality images and photos, as well as artwork motifs and inscriptions.