Where We Deliver

Doing your homework by researching online, helps you get ready for that ultimate purchase. It doesn’t matter what it is or where it is from, as long as you know that you are ready to have it. Modern consumers know what they want. If they want something of high quality, they are willing to wait for the day their item arrives at their door.

This applies to Forever Shining products as well. We all know that remembering significant people and pets is important. With this, only the best should be acquired to keep their spirit alive. Forever Shining products help accomplish this. You can never get more durable and beautiful remembrance items anywhere else.

Memories of your departed loved ones will always live on; especially if you have Forever Shining products to keep them close by. If you’re keen on getting only the best memorial products, then you have to prepare to have them delivered.

Forever Shining can deliver their products anywhere in Australia, New Guinea, Pacific Island nations, Fiji, and to other countries. With today’s impressive delivery capabilities, you can be sure to receive your Forever Shining products in optimal shape, on time. This is because Forever Shining knows how important it is to keep your loved one’s memories bright.

Take note of the special arrangements for international product deliveries. There are local delivery fees and credit for GST. Also, consider the additional costs for international shipping and postage. Special payment arrangements are needed for international purchases.  We have a dedicated page for International Customers, which you can check out.

If you have more specific inquiries, we are happy to entertain them. Feel free to email us about them. We, at Forever Shining, only want you to have the best memorial experience for your departed loved ones.  Near or far, we will always be there for you.

Also, special payment arrangements are required for international purchases. Refer to the Pricing page.

Please email us for more details.