Traditional Engraved Plaque

Key Memorial Features

Design & Buy traditional engraved plaques online using our unique software

Variety of granite and standalone colours

You can design on both landscape and portrait rectangular shape.

Sizes that are available are 50mm(minimum) to 1200mm(maximum)

Different materials can be used for the background of plaque

We use the best quality materials for our traditional engraved plaques. The laser can achieve intricate detail for even the most complex designs. A polished granite/sandstone plaques will not oxidize or readily deteriorate thereby maintaining good looks for many years.

Traditional Engraved Plaque Production

There are many different materials when it comes to traditional engraved plaques such as the African Black, African Red, Carrara marble, and many more which are found and extracted from different parts of the world, then they are shipped to cut and polish to the size required size. Do you want a unique color to memorialize you’re equally unique loved one? We offer stones in a variety of colours and can offer coloured art motifs and fonts for the inscription. There are nine different colour options for inscription or art. You can rest easy knowing these headstones will maintain their appearance for many years as sandstone or granite do not oxidize or deteriorate quickly.