Stainless Steel Light Reflective Headstone

Key Features

Our stainless steel light reflective headstones have been designed to provide the longest lasting and most beautiful headstones available today. They will not fall apart, crack or disintegrate with land movement or the passage of time. Furthermore, they will keep their good looks and maintain a readable inscription for thousands of years.

Our headstones are made with modern, stylish, and intricate designs. The motifs and personalized inscriptions are backed by a glass of colour selected by our customer. The glass itself is backed by a reflective medium enhancing the colour effect of the inscriptions and motifs. This assembly has a full backing plate of stainless steel, significantly enhancing the vandal resistance of the inscription and motifs. This style of the headstone is available in a range of shapes and sizes.

Light reflective headstones are fast becoming one of the best ways to memorialize your loved family member after they have passed on. These stainless steel headstones that reflect light are designed to not be damaged by the passing of years or the movement of the ground underneath or around them. Each of these modern memorial stones will remain stylish and readable for many decades to come.

As with people, each memorial headstone is unique and individually designed by the usage of motifs, inscriptions and even images of the deceased. They have a customer selected glass colour and it is backed with a protective reflecting coating that will enhance the words and thoughts inscribed in the memorial stone.

Families and loved ones of the departed are able to these select from a vast library of images, fonts and inscriptions designed to make these headstones memorable by the words, shape and images included in the lighted memorial. You are welcome to upload images of your own choosing while designing your own reflective lighted memorial stone. These can be exquisite when combined with elements that bring forth memories of the loved one in pictorial or symbols engraved on the headstone. Stainless steel or colored glass facings are best used to show off the stone to all who come to remember their loved friend or family member.



Size Range

Width from 300 to 1200 mm – Height from 300 to 1200 mm (~12″ to 48″)

Headstone Bases

Headstones can be supplied with or without a black granite or stainless steel base.
The bases can be supplied with or without flower vase holders.

Cemetery Requirements

Various cemeteries have different requirements and limitations on the size of headstones that they allow to be installed on their property. There is no reason why a Forever Shining laser-etched black granite headstone cannot be installed in any cemetery. Before an order is placed for one of our headstones these issues should be discussed between the customer and the cemetery to ensure that the needs of all parties are satisfied.

Trademarks and Copyrights

If there is a trademark or copyright associated with an image or logo that is required on a headstone, please ensure that written permission for us to reproduce the image or logo is provided by the owner of the trademark or copyright and that permission is supplied with the order. The order will not be processed without that permission.


A beautiful laser-etched black granite headstone is a permanent and lasting memorial to your loved one and a place for you and others to visit in the cemetery to reflect on and remember the life of the deceased.