Mini Headstone

Key Features

Our laser-etched black granite mini headstones have been designed to compliment our range of funerary products and satisfy the needs of those customers who wish to continue to use a traditional material for their memorial. The laser etching process allows us to etch beautiful, complex and intricate images of motifs, logos and photos into the surface of the granite. This style of headstone is available in a range of shapes.

Installation Methods

There are three installation methods for the Mini Headstones.

The preferred installation method is a Mini Headstone base, providing stability and optimal viewing angle.

On ground, flat mounted Mini Headstones provide stability and maximum display area.

A less preferred installation method of the Mini Headstone is to bury the bottom portion of the headstone in the ground.

Designing Your Mini Headstone

As a customer, you have the opportunity to personalize the design of your mini headstone using the exclusive design section of our website.

Within this very simple design system, you start by selecting the preferred headstone shape and drafting your personalized inscription with a choice of fonts.

You may upload your own image onto the headstone design, which can be laser-etched into the granite headstone or added as an image overlay with a choice of enduring materials.

We have also made available an extensive library of thousands of motifs for you to choose from. These images can be added to your design as laser-etched motifs, stainless steel motifs, or coloured glass-backed motifs.

At any time during the design process, you can click the check price button to determine the price of the design.

You may save and edit your design as often as you want, and email your saved designs to family and friends. Once you are completely happy with your design, you can order online.

Shapes available for mini headstone


Size available for mini headstone

All mini headstones are 200 by 300 mm (~8″ by 12″)

Cemetery Requirements for mini headstone

Various cemeteries have different requirements and limitations on the size of headstones that they allow to be installed on their property. There is no reason why a Forever Shining laser-etched black granite headstone cannot be installed in any cemetery. Before an order is placed for one of our headstones these issues should be discussed between the customer and the cemetery to ensure that the needs of all parties are satisfied.

Trademarks and Copyrights

If there is a trademark or copyright associated with an image or logo that is required on a headstone, please ensure that written permission for us to reproduce the image or logo is provided by the owner of the trademark or copyright and that permission is supplied with the order. The order will not be processed without that permission.


A beautiful laser-etched black granite headstone is a permanent and lasting memorial to your loved one and a place for you and others to visit in the cemetery to reflect on and remember the life of the deceased.