Laser Etched Black Granite Plaque

Key Features

Our black granite plaques complement our existing funeral products and are fancied by customers who prefer a memorial which looks classy and dignified.

We laser etch beautiful images, logos and motifs on the plaque’s granite surface, which is available in various rectangular shapes and sizes. We can also make plaques with custom shapes upon request.

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Preserve Memories Permanently

with the power of our laser.

Designing Your Plaque

You can personalize your plaque design on our website’s exclusive design section. Start by selecting your plaque, shape, size and border and draft your personalized inscription in your chosen font.

Your chosen image is uploaded onto the plaque design and laser-etched or added as an image overlay to the plaque. You can also choose stainless steel, laser-etched or coloured glass-backed motifs from our library to add to your design.

You can click the ‘check price’ button whenever required to determine the design’s price and also save, edit and send your design to family and friends as many times required. Place an online order once you are happy with your design.

Additional Information

Additional information about our laser-etched plaques can be found below.

Available Shapes



Rectangles and squares are available through our online design tool. For other shapes, such as ovals, hearts, et cetera, please contact us. 

Size information

Plaques are available in any size up to 1200mm x 1200mm, with a minimum size of 50mm x 50mm.

Plaques below 600mm x 600mm are by default, 16mm thick. Plaques above this size get thicker as they get larger.

Sizes above 600mm x 600mm may take additional time to make due to their size.

If you require a custom thickness, please contact us. 

Material Information

Our black granite is the finest quality black granite available on the market. This granite comes from inland China, where slow-cooling rocks form a fine grain, deep black granite that is perfect for detailed laser etching.

Inscription Information

Our laser uses a high powered laser to punch thousands upon thousands of tiny “bullet-holes” into the granite, leaving a laser etching with photographic details, permanently etched into the stone. This etching is durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain.

To find out more information about our laser etching, click here to read an article about Laser Etching. 

Fixing Information

A plaque can be fixed directly onto the concrete strip of a strip lawn cemetery, a monument, a rock, a stand, a mounting block or other appropriate surface using Sikaflex, or any other good quality construction grade silicone.

Plaques that are above the standard 16mm thickness can be supplied with rear corner fixing holes and dowel fixing pins. Plaques can also be supplied with a black granite or stainless steel mounting block, with or without flower vase holders. These will all come at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information. 

Delivery Information

If your plaque is close to a size we have in current stock, we may request to etch the plaque onto a stock size to save time and to expedite your order.

For plaques below 600mm x 600mm, the turnaround time from the confirmation of your artwork to the end of production is a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Plaques above this size, may take up to 12 weeks to make, depending upon stock levels. Please contact us for more information. 

We ship via Express Post for orders under 5KG (including packing materials), and via Courier for orders above 5KG. The turnaround time for Express Post shipping are 3-5 days (depending on service loads at the time), whilst shipping via Courier takes between 5-14 working days. The price generated by the online design tool includes shipping within Australia only. If you wish to get an item shipped internationally, please contact us for information about shipping internationally. 

Copyrighted Images

If there is a trademark or copyright associated with an image or logo that is required on a plaque, please ensure that written permission for us to reproduce the image or logo is provided by the owner of the trademark or copyright and that permission is supplied with the order. This includes photographs taken by professional photographers, stock photographs, and copyrighted logos from businesses, governmental organisations, military units and NGOs. We will not include those images without written permission being provided with the order.

Embellishments & Additions

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Alternative Uses

Our laser etched granite plaques have a myriad of alternative uses, due to their durability. Here are a few examples of ways that we and some of our other customers have used our laser-etched plaques.

  • Decroative tiles and flooring centerpieces (As seen at The Avenue on Chifley in Sydney)
  • Paving stones (As seen at the Avon Descent Champion’s walk and the Gage Road historical installation)
  • Splashbacks for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Memorial Installations
  • Gaming boards and inserts for tables
  • Inserts for kitchen countertops
  • Wedding portraits and commemorative gifts
  • Sporting and event Trophies

Cemetery Requirements

Various cemeteries have different requirements and limitations on the size of plaques that they allow to be installed on their property. There is no reason why a Forever Shining laser-etched black granite plaque cannot be installed in any cemetery. Before an order is placed for one of our plaques these issues should be discussed between the customer and the cemetery to ensure that the needs of all parties are satisfied. Forever Shining cannot guarantee that your plaque will meet cemetery requirements.