6 Beautiful Ways to Commemorate a Loved One

6 Beautiful Ways to Commemorate a Loved One

Losing a loved one is an intensely emotional journey, often marked by a complex grieving process. While the funeral service acts as a significant marker of a loved one’s end of life, we may find ourselves yearning to do more in order to honour them in the months and years after their passing.


There are many meaningful ways you can honour a loved one’s memory, and importantly, these things can be done at just the right moments, when you feel capable and ready. This ongoing tribute can play a crucial role in the healing process, allowing us to hold onto and find joy in the love and memories shared.


Karen Laing from Lady Anne Funerals in Sydney shares some thoughtful and comforting ideas to honour those we’ve lost.

Host a Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life is a heart-warming and personal way to celebrate the life of your loved one. Unlike a traditional funeral, a celebration of life is an event that can take place at any time, and doesn’t have to adhere to any specific format.


During a Celebration of Life, the atmosphere may be more relaxed and joyful, enabling guests to share stories, laugh, cry and celebrate the unique and special person they shared a love for in a social setting. Karen Laing of Lady Anne Funerals suggests that the event can take place at a favourite spot of your loved one, such as a park, beach or even the home of a family member or friend that was central to many happy memories shared. 


Some activities you might do at a Celebration of Life include:

  1. Sharing your best memories
  2. Listening to their favourite music
  3. Allowing guests to take home one of their favourite books
  4. Bringing photos and videos to share with each other
  5. Serving their favourite food
  6. Writing letters to your loved one
  7. Doing their favourite activities, such as dancing, playing sports, singing, creating art, partaking in religious or spiritual ritual or anything else that helps you to feel connected to them


The beauty of a Celebration Of Life is that it is completely open to interpretation. It’s about creating an environment where everyone can feel connected to the person who’s gone, yet still so present in the hearts of those gathered.


Creating a memorial

Establishing a physical memorial is a timeless way to honour someone who has passed. This could be a personalised gravestone, a tree you’ve planted, a professionally framed photo or a collection of some of their favourite things displayed somewhere special in your home that will help you to feel close to their memory. 


Memorials can be traditional or highly personal. It’s about choosing something that feels special to you, and is a place you can go to connect, cry, smile and remember.


Curating a playlist of their favourite music

Music has a profound way of bringing memories into focus. It is scientifically proven that listening to music reactivates areas of the brain associated with memory and emotion. Curating a playlist of music that your loved one enjoyed or that remind you of them can be a therapeutic way to feel connected to them. Play this music during special occasions or moments of reflection.


Creating a memory book

Compiling a memory book filled with photos, anecdotes, and mementos is a tangible way to cherish the moments you shared. Involve family and friends in this project – it’s a way to collectively remember and celebrate the life of your loved one that you can go to at any time.


Planting a memorial garden

We’ve suggested that planting a tree could be a wonderful way to memorialise a loved one – and if your loved one had a fondness for nature, creating a memorial garden is a beautiful tribute that can also be a place of relaxation for you. 


Studies show that gardening assists us in coping with life’s stresses and reduces symptoms of mental health, making it a practical and pretty way to engage in an activity that both helps us to grieve and to feel at peace. This living memorial can include their favourite plants or flowers and serve as a serene place for reflection and remembrance.

Participating in their favourite hobby

Hobbies are a wonderful way to connect with the memory of your loved one. Whether their hobbies were a shared passion between you, or something you’ve never tried – engaging in activities your loved one enjoyed is a therapeutic way to commemorate a lived-life. 

Whether it’s cooking, continuing a craft they enjoyed, taking up singing their favourite songs or contributing to a charity they were passionate about, these activities keep their spirit alive in your daily life and can provide significant emotional and psychological benefits.

Helping you when you need it most.


We understand that it can be difficult to plan and come up with the best ways to commemorate your loved one. We hope this article has sparked some imaginative ideas for you. 


Whether you’re thinking of hosting a Celebration of Life, a Memorial Service or a funeral – Lady Anne Funerals compassionate team in Sydney can support and guide you. 


We invite you to visit the Lady Anne Funerals website to explore more ideas, resources, and services, helping you to create a fitting tribute to your loved one.