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Forever Shining


Our mission is to provide you with the best values in quality affordable headstones, memorials, and monuments for both people and pets. We offer you two designing and ordering processes to choose from: either Design-Your-Own Online product on our website or browse through our Extensive Catalogue of Custom Headstones and Monuments and call us directly to discuss design options and one of our graphic designers can create a design for you.

We will never produce “cheap granite headstones” and our affordable prices will buy you only the best high-quality material. Your finished monument will be professionally designed and etched, incorporating the text and graphics you want, on only the best quality natural granite. Please accept our personal assurance that, despite our discount prices, your finished piece will be of the superior quality you expect.

Headstones, tombstones, markers & memorials

Grave markers can be referred to as headstones, markers, memorials, tombstones, gravestones, grass markers, flat markers, and monuments. All of these terms are synonymous in general use. At ForeverShining.com.au, our stone monuments are all made of solid granite, the preferred marker material for its durability, hatchability, and aesthetics.

Memorials & Headstones: A Fitting Tribute

For centuries, granite has been the material of choice for monuments, however today you have the choice of many more durable and beautiful materials to use for your tribute to your dearly departed friend or family member. Many individuals feel that only a granite headstone or flat granite marker can adequately memorialize a loved one. With its enduring beauty, granite is the ideal medium to communicate a personal message of remembrance for generations to come. As well, the uniqueness of each granite formation reminds us of the rare and special contributions our loved ones have made to our world.

Today you and your family will be selecting a granite headstone or gravestone for someone dear to you. Rest assured, you are making the right selection. A grave marker that lasts forever is as special and relevant as the memories you hold in your heart.