Derived from the Greek term epitaphios meaning “funeral oration“, epitaphs are written statements or phrases that appear on the grave marker commemorating the deceased in an individual way. These poignant inscriptions portray your final thoughts and memory of your departed loved one. Some people may even have the chance to write their own epitaph before they die. In either case, you may find it hard to choose the perfect sentiment. It’s certainly not easy to find the right words when it comes to expressing your deepest love for the lost family member or friend, especially during such a difficult time.

These lasting statements on the grave marker will remain as the final reminder of the deceased for those who visit their resting place, therefore taking the time to choose the most fitting dedication is essential.

Below is a selection of epitaphs grouped into categories,  to give you a little inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect words. If you can’t find anything you like here, try Googling “epitaphs”, you will be amazed how many you will find! We are also happy to help you construct a custom statement if you cannot find anything that you like.

Once you’ve found the statement you wish to proclaim on your loved one’s memorial, why not have a go at designing a memorial using our Online Design tools? They’re simple and easy to use. You can even copy and paste the text if you open the design tool in a new tab or window. Otherwise, if you want our design team to help you design the perfect memorial, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 

What to write on your epitaph

Choosing the words to write on your plaque can be very challenging.

The choice of text depends upon the intended use of the plaque.

Memorial plaques require obvious details such as names, significant dates, and names of loved ones or friends.

You might also consider a poem or wording which would summarise the feelings of love felt by those left behind. This is a chance to write a truly personal message in your own words.

Consider mentioning achievements or how this individual changed the lives of others.

Building dedication plaques need to state the name of the building and the date of the opening or construction. If the building has been opened by a person of note, include this person’s details. The architect or contractor might be acknowledged. Perhaps the reason for the construction of the building is of significance. A logo might be needed or an image of the building or the person responsible for the construction.

You might need to add the names of trustees. Sometimes a phrase or mantra might be added. You might consider acknowledging the role of a significant person in the construction of the use of the building.

Sometimes building dedication plaques are required for places where famous people have lived. Details of the dates during which the building was occupied by this personality are needed. Mention may be made of whether the person was born, worked or died at this place. Perhaps this was the site where a significant work was created.


You toiled hard Dad
Now you rest
We are proud you are ours
One of the best

Dearest father, thou hast left us,
We thy loss most deeply feel,
But tis God who has bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.

A father fond, a mother dear,
You are not dead but sleeping here.


Forever loved never forgotten
That what is given to us we keep forever

Forever he will be missed

Forever remembered

Farewell dear but not forever
There will be a glorious dawn
We but part to meet forever
On the resurrection morn

You are the brightest star in the sky
Forever shining in your memory

Your memory will be forever shining in the sky
There is no death. Only a change of Worlds

We live for a moment in time
But our lives have changed the World forever

You will live in our hearts forever


Weep not that she has gone
But smile that she has been.

She was…………
But words I cannot find to tell you what.
Think what a good wife ought to be
and she was that.


In life be loved and in death be lamented

When through one woman
a little more love and truth came into the world
Then that woman’s life had meaning

The door of heaven opened wide
and our beloved went inside

Sleep on dear one
Take thy rest
We miss you most
Who loved you best

Through our hearts we are undivided

A precious one from us is gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled

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You shared our joy, our hopes, our dreams
We thank you for being that wonderful you

A light is from our household gone
A voice we loved is still
A place is vacant at our home
Which never can be filled

For love never dies

Into the freedom of wind and sunshine
We let you go
Into the dance of the stars and the planets
We let you go
Into the wind’s breath and the hands of the star maker
We let you go
We love you, we miss you, we want you to be happy
Go safely, go dancing, go running home.


Treasured memories silently kept
Of one we loved and will never forget
Loved and missed by all

Though death divides fond memories cling

Someday, Sometime
Our eyes shall see
The faces kept in memory

We miss her smile and gentle touch
She gave us love in the fullest measure
Memories are all we have to treasure
Of the one we loved so much

The flowers we place upon your grave
May wither and decay
But our memories of you will never fade away

Time goes on and still we miss you
Never will your memory fade
Loving thoughts are always with you
and the place where you are laid

Oh not lost but come before us
Let them never be forgot
Sweet their memory to the lonely
In our hearts they perish not

Your presence we miss
Your memory we treasure
Loving you always
Forgetting you never


Sudden was your call dear mother,
Lonely is my heart today,
For the one I love so dearly,
Has forever passed away.

A father fond, a mother dear,
You are not dead but sleeping here.


The winter of troubles is past

In the midst of life, we are in death

The storms of affliction are over
Their troubles are ended at last
And sorrow and death are no more

A few more years shall roll
A few more seasons gone
And we shall be with those at rest
Asleep within the tomb

Never shall the sun arise
on such another.

Asleep until the day dawns.

Sing us sweet fragments of the songs above.

Gone but not forgotten.

We shall sleep, but not forever;
In the lone and silent grave.

Safe in the shadow of the
“Rock of Ages”.

No work begun shall ever pause for death”.

A Faithful Friend. So True and Kind.

A precious one from us is gone
A voice we loved is stilled.

My years all fled, my doubts all slain,
My hour of triumph come.


God has her in his keeping
We have her in our hearts

When deaths dark shadow hovers near
And all the days with pain are rife
When all thy heart is full of fear
Cling closely to the Lord of Life

Abide with me

With sinking heart and tearful eye
To these dear ones we have said goodbye
Then they are glad because they are at rest
and so he bringeth them unto his haven
where they would be

He giveth his beloved peace

Though thy darling form lies sleeping
In the cold and silent tomb
Thou shalt have a glorious waking
When the blessed Lord doth come

Weep not for us but be content
We was not yours but only lent
Wipe off those tears and weep no more
We are not lost but gone before
We was not yours but Christ’s alone
He loved us best and called us home

Mourn not dear friends
That I have fled this world of sin and care
My saviour called me to the sky
To sing his praises there

Far beyond this world of chances
Far beyond this world of care
We shall find our missing loved one
In our Father’s mansion fair

God takes our loved ones from our homes
But never from our hearts

Parted to meet again
In heaven we shall part no more

Peace perfect peace, Asleep in Jesus

When this troubled life shall cease
Meet me where there is perfect peace
Jesus does a home prepare
Meet me there! Yes! Meet me there

God wanted a few more angels
To grace his heavenly throne
So he took our little darlings
But never from our hearts

The pain was great the loss severe
To part with one we loved so dear
But God released her from her pain
In heaven we hope to meet again

God in his wisdom has recalled
The one his love had given
And though the body slumbers here
The soul is safe in heaven

Faith wings the soul beyond the sky
Up to that better world on high

Beyond the beautiful sunset
Free from sorrow or pain
In God’s garden of roses
Where we will all meet again

Rest in Peace

In God’s Care

A light once shone so brightly
In our home so happy and gay
But a gentle hand touched lightly
And beckoned our light, “This way”
A brighter star now shines on high
We’ve an angel in heaven to pray
For us, who are left, to earnestly pray
To follow her light, “This way”

God looked around his garden
And found an empty place,
He then looked down upon the earth
And saw your tired face.
He put his arms around you
And lifted you to rest.
God’s garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering
He knew you were in pain.
He knew that you would never
Get well on earth again.
He saw the road was getting rough
And the hills were hard to climb.
So he closed your weary eyelids
And whispered, “Peace be Thine”.
It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn’t go alone,
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home.

Oh! Sacred heart of Jesus,
Have mercy on his soul.

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

To be with God which is far better.

A faithful father true and kind
He proved to be in heart and mind
A loving father too as well
When he on earth with us did dwell.

All who are weary come unto me and rest.

He was not ours, but God’s alone
He loved him best and took him home.

Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.

Not gone from memory, not gone from love,
But gone to his Father’s home above.

Sweet Rest in Heaven.


Died on the field in battle
Twas noble thus to die
God smiles on valiant soldiers
His record is on high

He answered the call of his country
He gave his best and his life
Away in a foreign country
Lies our brave hero son


A wonderful son only lent
One of the best God only sent
Loving ways, heart of gold
No better son this world could hold
Dear is his memory, sweet is his name
Deep in our hearts he will always remain

Father in thy gracious keeping
Leave now our dear son sleeping.