Customer Service Policy

Our overall company goal is to provide an outstanding product that brings a high level of honour to loved ones.  We combine a team of skilled individuals that are attentive to detail and hold a devotion to making each project exceptional.

Countless precautions are taken in the manufacturing of your personal item.  Orders are never stamped out in mass, but are handled individually, as if our own.  Instructions are followed carefully to bring exactly whatever your design may be.

While extraordinary care is taken in forming, manufacturing, and engraving your order, there are times when delays can occur.  We maintain to be prompt in our manner of notification should needed materials arrive late, errors cause reconstruction, or other unforeseen problems.  Within 5 working days, you will be notified of any delays in shipment and a new arrival date arranged.

When a product is meant to last a lifetime, our company will make every effort to  deliver the best quality with precise detail to make your satisfaction complete.

We believe that you will get long lasting satisfaction from your Forever Shining product.

If you wish to get in contact with us about making an order, or have a pre-existing order with us, do not hesitate to contact us.