Porcelain Photo Overlay


Key Features

A porcelain photo overlay is a coloured, glazed porcelain image of a photo or image that is fixed to the face of your design. A porcelain photo overlay is available as an oval in specific sizes only. A porcelain photo overlay has a flat face with a thickness of approximately 6.5mm. The edges are smooth and rounded.

During the manufacturing process porcelain photo overlays are fired at 800 degrees centigrade, giving this product an anticipated life well exceeding 100 years.

Make your loved ones memorial extra special by placing their photo on a Porcelain Photo Overlay. Get the images of your loved ones in coloured, glazed oval shaped porcelain headstones. Imagine an oval picture frame with their smiling face as their headstone. Let their smiles be preserved in style as you commemorate the life they have lived.

What is a Porcelain Photo Overlay?

Porcelain photo overlay places the coloured image of your loved ones in a flat, oval headstone through a manufacturing process that involves exposure to extreme heat at 800 degrees centigrade. This manufacturing process ensures the quality of the memorial, giving it a life expectancy that can exceed 100 years.

Guidelines for New Memorials

The image for your Porcelain Photo Overlay can be the photo of a person, a logo or even a specific design.

To ensure the quality of the final output, the image needed for the porcelain photo overlay should have a clear, high quality resolution. The image provided can be black and white or coloured.  For best results, please follow the suggested the file size for the corresponding image size:

  • 500kb to 1mb file size for a  100mm x 100mm image size
  • 2MB to 3MB file size for a 180mm x 240mm image size

In case no electronic copy of the image is available, a hard copy of the photo should be submitted for scanning purposes. The photo will be returned afterwards, together with the final output of the product. The quality of the image you provide for us will highly determine the quality of the final output.

Choose the size that you need and upload your image via the Porcelain photo overlay section of the Forever Shining website. Set the location and the orientation of your photo on the design.

 For Additional Texts

Please feel free to contact us via our email or call us on 1300 851 181 if you wish to add some text to your overlay. Additional charges will be applied accordingly.


Text Additions

Should you wish to have some text added to your overlay, please contact us directly by email or on 1300 851 181. Addition of text to an overlay will incur graphic design charges which will depend on the complexity and time involved.