Laser Etched Artwork Motif


Key Features

A laser etched motif is a stock image, selected from the Forever Shining motif library, that is laser etched directly into the face of the product design. The anticipated life expectancy of the laser etched artwork motif in polished black granite exceeds 500 years.

Custom motifs are available upon request but may incur an additional fee for design time. Contact Us for more information on custom motifs.

Adding to Your Design

A Laser Etched motif can be etched into the following products:

  • Premium Black Granite Headstones/Full Monuments
  • Premium Black Granite Plaques
  • granite inlaid stainless steel Headstones/Full Monuments
  • mini headstones
  • granite inlaid urns
  • pet headstones
  • pet plaques/portraits
  • Premium Black Granite Architectural products
  • Black Marble portrait plaques (20 year Life expectancy if outdoors)
  • Black Marble inlaid stainless steel urns. (20 year Life expectancy if outdoors)

The image is various tones of black and white.

You determine the size of your chosen laser etched artwork motif in the design section of the Forever Shining web site. You also choose the location and orientation of the laser etched artwork motif on your design. The size of the major dimension of a laser etched artwork motif can range from 40mm up to 600mm square.

Custom motifs are also available, but these may incur additional costs due to design time. If you wish to have a Motif that is not listed in our DYO software, leave a space for it, and leave a comment stating what sort of motif you would be after. As long as you ensure to provide us with a phone number or email address, we will get in contact with you to let you know how much said design would cost.

Laser etching is only available on Premium Black Granite or Black marble (Photographs and text) or Gold Spot Black (Text only).

For Existing Memorials

If you are seeking to source a motif for an existing memorial, please contact us.