One Colour Glass Backed Motif


Key Features

Glass backed motifs are produced by laser cutting the chosen pattern through the face of the stainless steel headstone or plaque and backing that pattern with glass. You choose the colour of the glass during the design process.

A motif is a traditional element for a personalised and beautiful memorial but it can certainly be modernised. Our one-colour glass backed motif looks distinctive while still maintaining its elegance and sophistication. You can still have traditional symbols appearning on headstones but the technique and the result will both be unique.

Most Important Characteristics
The pattern or visual you choose is laser cut through the stainless steel that the headstone is made of. The pattern is next backed with coloured glass. You have a wonderful personalisation option – pick the colour that you like the most.

More Customisation Features
The motif can also be installed on a light transmitting headstone. In this instance it’s cut both through the front and the back of the tombstone. The light goes through the coloured glass, giving it a stained glass effect. The only difference is that the technology used will result in a durable and long-lived rather than a fragile product.

The glass can also be backed by a medium that reflects light and gives more colour to the motif.

Colour glass backed motifs are suitable for stainless steel headstones and plaques. This customisation option, however, isn’t available for the further modification of existing headstones and it can’t be supplied separately.

This technique is covered by both Australian and international patent pending.