Stainless Steel Motif


Key Features

Every headstone motif has a symbolic meaning and a significance. A dove is a symbol of purity and devotion. Clasped hands indicate the final goodbye that people say to each other before death. A bird is the symbol of eternal life and the crown suggests the glory of eternal life after death

Quality Materials and Precision

Our stainless steel motifs give you the opportunity to add a special message and show just how much a loved one that has passed away means to you. These motifs are manufactured from three-millimeter marine grade stainless steel, which makes the product durable and exceptionally long-lived.

Once the motif is cut out, it’s fixed on the face of the headstone or a plaque of your preference.

Motif For New and Existing Memorials

A motif can be used for the personalization of both new and existing memorials. It’s great for adding to both stainless steel and granite headstones. Just go through our gallery to acquaint yourself with the different images and choose the one that will be best for memorializing a loved one.

If you want to change the appearance of an older headstone, give us a call today to discuss the complexity of the idea and the possibilities. We’ll be more than happy to consult you and help you pick the best option.