Two-Colour Steel and Glass Motifs


Key Features

The death of a loved one is inevitable, but this does not mean you can’t do something special in remembrance of them. An example is using monuments having two colour glass backed motifs, which are much better than traditional gravestones.

These headstones are created using a laser to cut your chosen pattern through the face of a stainless steel plaque or headstone. The pattern is then backed with glass. You are at liberty of choosing both of the colours during its design process.

Adding to Your Design

As the same pattern is cut both on the front and rear panel of a light transmitting product, whenever light passes through the motif, it produces an effect which is similar to a stained glass window. However it has an added benefit of not having the fragile nature of stained glass.

Moreover once this motif is installed on a light reflective product like granite or any other product, the reflective medium backing the glass lets incident light get reflected through the glass. This is what adds colour to the motif, etc.

This motif style is guaranteed, and is covered by the Australian and International patents pending. It is however important that the glass backed motifs are applied only to products having a stainless steel design face like plaques, headstones, signs, etc.

It is however not possible to supply individual glass backed motifs for installation on any existing memorials.