Two Colour Raised Motif


Key Features

Two colour raised glass backed motifs are produced by cutting from 3mm marine-grade stainless steel a section of steel in the shape of the chosen pattern and infilling that perimeter with two different coloured pieces of glass. The glass is retained in position by a marine-grade stainless steel edging. You choose the colours of the glass during the design process.

For New Memorials

When this style of motif is installed on a light transmitting product, the same pattern is cut through the front and rear panel of the memorial so that when light passes through the glass backed motif it gives an effect similar to a stained glass window without the fragile nature of stained glass.

When this style of motif is installed on a light reflective, granite or other product, the glass is backed by a reflective medium that allows incident light to be reflected back through the glass giving colour to the motif, etc.

This style of motif is covered by Australian and International patents pending. Raised glass-backed motifs can be applied to most stainless steel and granite products.

For Existing Memorials

If you are seeking to source a motif for an existing memorial, please contact us.