When we choose a headstone or a grave marker, we often do it with very little knowledge about the symbolism of the icons or emblems that are used on the headstones.

Particularly  when buying headstones or monuments in areas such as Fiji, the Solomon islands, New Caledonia, Tonga, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea it is important to know the symbolism behind the different markers or emblems.

The diversity of the area means that multiple emblems will be available to the customer. Some tribal emblems and symbols hold specific meaning to them, while others do the same for the Christian or Catholic groups. Knowing a little more about these emblems can help you to accurately choose what is appropriate for your loved one.

Forever Shining can offer headstones and monuments with a broad array of different types of symbols on the finished product. Here is a little sampling of the different emblems and symbols on the headstone or gravestone that will help you to choose.




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Traditional Headstones and Symbolism

Angel-An angel of God, a Christian symbol, a guardian of the deceased, pointing the way toward heaven.

TheAnchor- a very early symbol of Christianity, the anchor was a hidden cross.It’s also used for seamen who believe it symbolizes faith and hope.

Birds in flight-symbols of the flight of the soul to a better place.

Bamboo-used in Buddhism, symbols of truth and devotion.

Beehive-symbolic of Mormonism

The Butterfly- symbolic of the soul it is often used in pagan ceremonies as well as Christian where it is a symbol of the flight of the soul or the three stages of life.

Clover-Druidic or Irish in nature, symbol of the trinity.

The Conch Shell-symbol of attained wisdom

The Dragon- symbolic of sin to the Christian, it is sacred to the Chinese and is considered a symbol of power and the universe.

The Fish- Faith and hope

Dragonfly-Immortality and regeneration

Deer or Male Deer a symbol of faith and hope

Horses-generosity and courage above all else

Menorah-the symbol of the divine attendance of God

Oak-strength and courage

Pentagram- a five pointed star inside a circle, a symbol of life and also eternity. The pentagram is one of the few symbols used by both pagans and Christians.

Pitcher symbolizes a Levite, Jewish in nature.

Pine bow-regeneration or renewed life

Rosemary-for remembrance

Thistles- for remembrance

Tree stump, a shortened life

When choosing symbols for tribal areas or cultures, specifically you will find a lot of different types of animals  as well as other symbols are used.

 Each of them has a given meaning.

To a large extent the Polynesian tribes have not had a written history so the symbols on the graves have told us a lot about those people. Most are still in use today.

The Tiki is a symbol of the creator of life

The Koru or spiral is a symbol of hope for new life, of rebirth and awakening.

The Pikorua or single twist refers to loyalty, friendship and love. The triple twist and the double twist are very powerful symbols that stand for eternity.

Toki is the Maori tribal symbol that means courage or strength. It means sheer determination control and often honor.

Porowhita is a symbol of life and nature. It means that life has no beginning and no end.

Whale Tail is speed, strength and courage.  It offers a respect for the sea but is also a symbol for good luck.

Papahu or dolphin is a symbol of protection as the dolphins often attacked sharks.

The white heron stands for the connection between here and the afterlife.

Whatever headstone symbols you’re seeking, whatever culture you are representing, Forever Shining can assist you in finding the right symbol for the headstone or memorial that you are preparing.

It is our mission to ease the grief and help you to prepare the ideal monument for your loved one. Call Forever Shining with your questions or concerns. Our staff will be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

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