Our branch in the US is represented by the bronze plaque. Plaques made of bronze come in practically every shape and size. In comparison to many other possibilities in the US, it offers a wider range. To access the website, click here. The most interesting feature is that it uses the same DYO technology as our website for completely personalized designs. It will even help you by giving you access to the buttons on the page’s left side. You can order from several locations, not just in the United States. Simply put, shipping costs vary from nation to nation. You can choose the plaques you desire with the help of the website’s list of plaque types. Even more information about the specific plaque is available. Paying for numerous appointments and designers is not necessary. Simply use our “Design Your Own” software to explore your imagination. Anyone who does not want to deal with cemeteries, make appointments, or spend days handling things will find this to be time-saving. On the website, there is even a section with tutorials that will aid you in using the features while working in the related area.

How do we provide a customized bronze plaque?

You can browse the website first. There shouldn’t be many challenges for you to access the design area of the website because it is quite user-friendly. Right above the menu bar at the top of the website is a button that says “Design Now.” The “Design Now” button directs you to the DYO page where you may customize the plaque. You can edit or expand your design using the various buttons with their corresponding names that are located on the left side. If there are any buttons you are unsure of, you can click them to learn more about that particular feature (button) by hovering over the question mark symbol in the top left corner. Then, you may utilize DYO to alter its size, shape, border, background, and other attributes. Even motifs, inscriptions, and emblems are optional. Your plaque can be fixed in the desired spot using a fastening type selection. To stay under your budget at all times, you can check the price as you design. You can also save the design and share it with your family and friends, who can then update it without overwriting your earlier saved design. You must log in to save your designs, and your account page has links to your saved designs, orders you’ve placed, account information, and invoice information. Even if some of the potential information about you changes thereafter, you can still alter it.

Design Your Own

Features that I want to mention in our DYO:


You can choose from a variety of product shapes. Click the left-hand side of the window to choose the shapes you want. On request, special shapes are available. Call us if you’d like further details.


Sizes for bronze plaques range from 2.5 to 22. The plaque’s size and thickness are inversely correlated. A plaque with a 12″ by 8″ size is 0.4″ thick, for instance.  Slide the Width and Height sliders from left to right to decrease or raise the plaque’s measurements. As an alternative, you can type the plaque’s size directly into the grey area. Or, to change the size of your plaque, just click the – (reduce) and + (increase) buttons. Please take note that the size and price of your plaque will be shown in the header at the top of the page. Upon request, we may produce plaques in various sizes. Call us if you’d like further details.


Borders, which are elevated above the plaque’s backdrop surface, further emphasize it. Full-edged borders can be aesthetically pleasing since they enclose the design and boost the product’s durability. Please pick one from the list of possible borders. The size of the plaque will determine the width of the border. From the various borders on the left side of the window, choose the border you desire. On-demand, beveled and painted borders, alternative ornamental borders, and borders with bespoke designs are also available. Must be between 3/5″ and 1/2″ wide at most.


Inscriptions serve as a unique method to remember the deceased friend or family member. Inscriptions are machined after being cast into the metal to emphasize the natural bronze colour. A variety of typefaces and sizes are available for the inscription. 4–8 lines are free depending on the size of the plaque. Click the “Add Your Inscription” box on the left side of the window and enter your message to add an inscription. On your design, the inscriptions will appear, and more controls will show up on the left menu. From the “Select Font” drop-list, select the font you want to use. There are presently 10 options available. If you would prefer a different font, kindly get in touch with us. To change the size of your inscription, drag the slider under Size to the left or right. The buttons labelled + (increase) and – (reduce) are also available. By clicking and dragging on one of the four circles on the corners of the bounding box around your text on the design, you can also change the size of the inscription. Use the Rotation slider or the +/- buttons to rotate your text. From the colour swatch on the left side of the window, choose the colour of your inscription. By clicking and dragging the inscription on the design, you may move it to the desired location. Either click the “Add New Line” button and input a new line to add more inscriptions. Alternately, select the “Duplicate” option at the bottom of the left-hand menu and alter the wording in the “Add Your Inscription” box that appears.


These pictures are made from a photograph or image, replicated, and then applied to the gravestone or plaque. You have a limited number of sizes for your picture or photo in ceramic or vitreous enamel. A ceramic image is one in which the picture is depicted on a porcelain substrate that has been painted and is somewhat convex. A replica of an image on a flat metal substrate is called a vitreous enamel image. To upload and include a picture in your design, select a ceramic image or a vitreous enamel.

Ceramic Image

  • A picture or image is overlaid over glazed ceramic that has been fired at 1000°C and attached to the design’s surface.
  • There are options for full colour, grayscale, and sepia tones.
  • choose a portion of the image that has been cropped for your design.
  • Please submit the photograph with the greatest resolution you have.

The product will be of greater quality with higher image quality. To add a ceramic image to your design, click to upload it.

Vitreous Enamel

  • a robust coating that is firmly attached to stainless steel.
  • 850 degrees Celsius were utilized to fuse powdered glass onto a stainless steel plate.
  • There are options for full colour, grayscale, and sepia tones.
  • very robust with a 20-year warranty.
  • For your design, pick a portion of the image that has been cropped.

Please submit the photograph with the greatest resolution you have. The product will be of greater quality with higher image quality. To add a Vitreous Enamel picture to your design, click to upload it.


Bas Reliefs and emblems are three-dimensional sculptures that are accentuated in bronze. They are available in many fixed sizes and a range of themes. Emblems can be used to convey concepts and emotions that may be difficult to describe in words. Please be aware that the colour of the insignia may somewhat vary from what is depicted. Click on the symbol of your choosing from the list of emblems on the left in order to add it. Your design will be enhanced with the emblem of your choice, and controls will take the place of the emblems. Please scroll down to the bottom of the viewable emblems and click “Load more” to view other emblems. Drag the slider next to ‘Size’ left or right, or use the – (reduce) or + (increase) buttons, to change the size of the emblem. Alternatively, you may click and drag on one of the circles on the corners of the box that surrounds the design’s selected symbols. Use the slider below the rotation or click the – (reduce) or + (increase) buttons to rotate the selected emblem. To reposition the logo on your design, click and drag it to the desired location. To flip the selected emblem horizontally or vertically, use the ‘Flip X’ or ‘Flip Y’ buttons respectively. To replicate your symbol, click the “Duplicate” button. And to remove your symbol, click the “Delete” button or, alternatively, hit the “Delete” key on your keyboard. The price of the emblems will be included in the design’s overall price and displayed in the header. Additionally, the main menu’s Check Price feature allows you to view the specific prices of emblems.


To customize your plaque, pick from a variety of 5000+ flat motifs. Religious symbols, as well as flora and animals, borders, and flourishes, are examples of motifs. For clear clarity, motif size should be at its maximum. The first motif is free. To view all motifs in a category, click on the category name. For instance, selecting “Aquatic” will display aquatic patterns. Click “load more” at the bottom of the list of motifs if you want to see additional motifs in the same category. Click on the drop-down list shown by the little downward-facing triangle directly below ‘Select Category’ if you wish to alter the motif category. Click on the desired pattern from the list of shown motifs to add it. Your motif will be included in your design, and control sliders and buttons for the motif will show up on the left. Drag the slider next to “Size” or use the control panel’s – (reduce) or + (increase) buttons to change the size of your chosen motif. Click and drag one of the four circles on the corners of the bounding box that encircles your motif on the design as an alternative. Drag the slider next to “Rotating” or click the -/+ buttons to rotate the image of your choice. If desired, you may flip your chosen theme by using the “Flip X” and “Flip Y” buttons. Both the vertical and horizontal axes include these flip patterns. Additionally, you may duplicate and delete your motif by selecting the corresponding buttons. The theme will also be removed from your design if you use the “Delete” key on your keyboard. The cost of adding motifs to your design will show in the total cost in the header. Or see the Check price in the main menu for the individual cost of your chosen motif.

Fastening Type

Your plaque may be mounted to the desired spot thanks to the attaching method. Three different mending methods exist.

  • Lugs with Studs – the recommended technique for attaching to a flat surface.
  • Flat Black – appropriate for gluing to a horizontal surface.
  • Screws – suited for placing bronze monuments on wooden surfaces.

To change the Fixing System from the default Lugs with Studs, click on your required fixing system from the menu on the left. your chosen fixing system will be highlighted in grey. Your required fixing system will be detailed in Check Price in the main menu. Once you save your design, your required fixing system will be in the details of your saved design. Call us if you have requirements not available here.

What makes our website different from others

Bronze plaque might be the only website that has the DYO for customers to customize their own plaques in the U.S. You will get the highest quality product with an exclusive custom bronze plaque designed by you in the comfort of your home and get it delivered at your door. Our unique ‘Design Your Own ’ system gives you the freedom to design your plaque without leaving home. Design anywhere, anytime, and order plaques online. Do not pay for countless appointments and designers. Simply exercise your creativity with our ‘Design Your Own ‘ software. Time saver for anyone who does not want to deal with cemeteries, schedule appointments, and spends days managing things. The table below will help you to know the real benefit of choosing a bronze plaque

  • Design Your Own by Forever Shining
  • Available to you 24 hours a day
  • Save, edit, and send the design to family
  • Free usage of more than 5K motifs throughout the design
  • Real-time pricing estimation and design visualisation
  • Option for limitless designs
  • Cemeteries or other companies
  • Appointment must be made
  • There is no option to “Design Your Own”
  • You must choose motifs from the book.
  • Waiting forever for the fee to be calculated whenever a modification is requested
  • No free designs, each design cost money