Port Moresby


Beginning in February 1942, the Japanese campaign for New Guinea aimed to establish a base from which to attack Australia. A large portion of the Australian troops had already left to fight abroad for the Allies.


The American and Australian victories at Guadalcanal (August 1942–February 1943) and Milne Bay (August–September 1942) respectively helped prevent the Japanese from “turning the corner” and reaching Port Moresby from the sea. The Kokoda Trail, which leaves the capital of New Guinea and ascends into the rocky highlands that separate the north coast of New Guinea from the south, is where the most significant fight for Port Moresby was fought. Diverse Australian battalions pushed the oncoming Japanese back up the treacherous mountain trail to Buna on the north coast while enduring some of the worst battlefield circumstances of the war (rain, bush, rushing rivers, mountains, etc.).

Australian 39th Battalion after the Kokoda Track campaign 1942

The three victories, collectively, spared Port Moresby from Japanese occupation. Today, Port Moresby serves as the political and economic hub of Papua New Guinea. Chinese funding was used in 2018 to improve the surrounding region of the capital in anticipation of hosting the meetings of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Except for those who come by sea, most visitors to PNG pass via Port Moresby’s Jacksons International Airport. Because of the country’s geography, almost all transportation is done by air. With the exception of those in Port Moresby and the areas around neighboring towns, the island country has very few ferries and roads.

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