Bronze Plaque

Between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries, the Benin Empire, which existed in what is now Nigeria, had a remarkably rich legacy in sculpture. The grandiose ceremonial court of the Oba (divine monarch) in the palace in Benin was one of the main centers of cultural creation for the country. Rectangular plaques made of brass or bronze were one of the many art forms created at the court. At least a fraction of these plaques, mostly produced between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, honor major figures and occasions connected to the Oba’s.

Brass or bronze memorial plaques were produced throughout medieval Europe from at least the early thirteenth through the sixteenth centuries as a form of a sepulchral memorial generally inset into the walls of churches or surfaces of tombs. Surviving in great numbers, they were manufactured from sheet brass or latten, very occasionally colored with enamels, and tend to depict highly conventional figures with brief inscriptions.

Architectural Plaques

Architectural bronze plaques can be used to create stunning dedications to buildings, and other commercial and domestic spaces.








Address Plaques

Add flair to your home or business with our personalized address plaques.




Beautification or Artistic Plaques

Add beauty to your surroundings with our custom-made artistic bronze plaques.








Fraternity and Sorority House Plaques

Makeover and decorate your society or sorority image to make it stand out and be a center point of pride.








Commemorative or Memorial Plaques

Our commemorative plaques allow you to celebrate and appreciate the memories of your loved ones.




Official & Military Plaques

Design honorary bronze plaques to commemorate a life of merit and service.









Garden Dedication Plaques

Garden or outdoor plaques are a great way to mark a park or tree dedication and can be artfully themed to fit their surroundings.








Dedication plaques

The perfect way to pay tribute to an important place, person, or organization.








Custom Logo Plaques

If you’re looking to expand your brand for a little expense, you would do well to consider a custom logo plaque.








Pet Plaques

Pet plaques are an excellent method to respect the memory of a darling pet. Flat-relief pictures work well for animals and sometimes say more than words can.





Inspirational Plaques

Create a custom bronze plaque with your favorite inspiring quote or mantra.







Photo Plaques

For an extra personal touch, we can add custom photos to any bronze plaque using vitreous enamel or ceramic.




Public Art Plaques

To shape and enhance a public area with elegance, you can’t go past a bronze plaque with enlightening and artistic value.






Signage Plaques

Our multipurpose signage plaques are perfect for decorating a public or private space with a durable and impressive tribute.






Picture Plaques

We offer a wide range of customized shapes, sizes, and finishes to meet all your requirements for picture plaques. Because you have designed it, your plaque will look exactly as you imagined.