Tips To Conduct A Respectful And Ethical Funeral Service

Ethical Funeral Service And Tips To Conduct A Respectful Funeral 

We understand the mourning and loss of your loved ones and how planning the funeral service is the most unfamiliar process. One must select a funeral home that convey the service and pricing that fit your family’s beliefs, values, and budget. This process is not easy and one side you have to deal with the death of a loved one and other formalities like reporting the death and arranging a funeral.


Arranging funeral services in Perth and even other places involves several tasks and attending to many minute details. It means one should be prepared with the answers to several questions like if the body is to be cremated or buried and the type of funeral service that is to be arranged.

This article goes on to list common mistakes one makes when arranging a funeral and how to avoid them.

Things you can avoid

  • Too much priority on the price range


Many of us tend to compare funeral costs when it comes to selecting a funeral home. Different funeral homes are likely to have a different cost depending on the services they provide. Thus, selecting a service only based on cost and not paying attention to other factors like quality and services can be a mistake.

  • Haste in deciding anything


Planning a funeral service isn’t something one should do in a hurry. One of the worst mistakes is making a bad decision based on the time constraint and without doing proper research on what options are available.


  • Take opinions, advice and suggestions

The funeral service is for a person who has died, however, many people overlook the fact that it meant for the living to pay their respects to a person who has died. It is a time for all loved ones to remember, grieve and say their goodbyes. Hence arranging a funeral service without consulting all involved can work out to be a big mistake and lead to a disagreement of sorts.


  • Communicate well and be transparent about it


There are several surveys to suggest that a large number of people do not put enough effort into searching for a funeral home. In fact, most people tend to select the first one they come across and accept a deal based on the cost instead of the services. It often happens that a funeral home does not offer many services that one would take for granted.


Several people simply assume they will have access to all the services they require at the cost presented to them. They are often surprised to find out that they are being billed for several additional services. This mistake can easily be avoided by first inquiring about the services by consulting a funeral director.


  • Resource and research well

A lot of people go ahead with funeral planning without having full knowledge of what is involved. This may also include not having knowledge about the flower policy that is taken care of by a funeral director. A funeral director is a person responsible for selecting flowers and providing them to the family at the time of the funeral. Thus, it is a good idea to discuss this and prevent it from being an issue later.


  • Planning the ride


The important factors to consider include ensuring the driver is punctual and considering requests for the route to take. This can include driving past a house or some other place of significance.

How to select a funeral service

Here a few facts useful when selecting funeral homes in Adelaide:

  • Comparing price quotes and services from multiple funeral homes can work out to be beneficial in many ways.
  • Ensure you get a clear picture of the costs involved upfront.
  • A funeral director is not a minister but is someone who can conduct the service.
  • Request a list of services included in a funeral package.
  • Inquire to what extent the funeral arrangements can be customised.
  • Spend some time estimating the cost of a funeral and set a budget prior to selecting one.
  • Send out the invitations yourself and prepare in advance to ensure you do not miss out anyone.
  • It is important that one does not overlook the transportation arrangements at a funeral.


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