Something’s Rotten at Rookwood Cemetery

Rookwood Cemetery in western Sydney

Rookwood Cemetery in western Sydney

Imagine: You’re recently bereaved. You’re trying to find a special headstone to represent your loved one’s unique personality.

So you talk to your cemetery’s memorial staff. Do you expect support, understanding and impartial advice or corruption and misinformation? Isn’t it their job description to help you find a suitable memorial?

Rookwood Cemetery has lost sight of their customers

For years the management team at Rookwood Cemetery in western Sydney seems to have lost sight of their core business.

Instead of focusing on their customers’ needs they’ve been spending huge sums of money on flashy marketing paraphernalia like new celebrity designer staff uniforms.

Rookwood is one of Australia’s wealthiest, largest and oldest cemeteries. It is facing serious claims of misconduct, bullying and internal division according to various reports including the Sydney Morning Herald:

“Does this sound like a cemetery to you? 

Cars branded in bespoke purple livery, a proposal to build an on-site childcare centre, fancy annual reports nestled in a box tied up with ribbon, expensive uniforms designed by Kim Kardashian​, and plans to set up an e-commerce site competing with selling cemetery records.”


A quiet revolution

It’s not just Rookwood. The old school cemeteries run on old thought patterns.  It seems the staff at most cemeteries only recommend the stonemasons who line their pockets.  As Albert from Forever Shining says:


“Sadly many of the old cemeteries are full of corruptible old farts.” –  user76789001


Albert is leading a quiet monument industry revolution. His staff treat you with the utmost respect. His company offers an inspirational range of choices beyond the standard traditional offerings in cemetery brochures.

Albert’s company gives you the freedom to create a unique memorial reflecting your loved one’s special personality. Forever Shining’s urns, plaques, memorials and gravestones promise to honour your memories in a beautiful and lasting way. Try their free, easy to use online design tools for simple plaques, headstones or full monuments.


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