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Aboriginal memorials

Technological advances and the advent of the world wide web have opened access to products and services for even the remotest of communities. No longer is the choice of design and quality of a memorial determined by where you live.

Access to even everyday products has been hard enough to achieve, but to organise and source the highest quality memorial for the departed loved one has, until now, been almost impossible.

Australia is home to many such remote indigenous communities, virtually cut off from the rest of the country. A limited choice of local businesses will offer only basic options and little opportunity for customisation. Combined with these limited options are the difficulties of arranging supply and installation in such rural locations.

Indigenous communities are embracing new technology to keep the memories and stories of their members alive. They are turning to the businesses which can supply beautifully crafted monuments via the internet. The development of a state of the art, world first, Design-Your-Own memorial product online is now allowing these communities to access a design and ordering system only Forever Shining can provide. All that is required is a computer set-up with a stable internet connection to enable customers to design and order a fully customisable funerary product with ease.

Memorialisation provides another way for indigenous Australians to document and share their life story after death. Artwork and messages are engraved into stone, not only marking where that person is buried, but also standing as a testament to who they were in life.

Every person who visits the Forever Shining website can be a designer. Using the D.Y.O. system takes only 7 simple steps to create the most fitting memorial for your loved one. You, as the designer, may upload any image that would best represent the departed. This includes photographs of the deceased or images of things of great meaning to them such as their favourite past time or even their favourite sporting team. Images of local scenes and personal artworks are often chosen to be part of the design. The final design is then laser etched into the finest black granite.

Forevershining also overcomes the supply and delivery challenges faced by remote communities by organising delivery and installation no matter how isolated the destination.

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