Triangular Stainless Steel Urn with Porcelain Inlay

Preserving Your Memories for Eternity

Preserving Your Memories for Eternity

Celebrate your memories forever with a beautiful plaque featuring a full colour photo of your loved one

Celebrate your memories forever with a beautiful plaque featuring a full colour photo of your loved one

The fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology in the cemetery memorials industry is transforming modern gravestones and plaques.

Laser etching, relatively new to this old-fashioned industry, makes it easy to engrave photo realistic portraits into stone.

Vitreous enamelling has been around for millennia. Combined with current techniques, glossy full colour photos, which never fade or lose their shine, can be reproduced on durable stainless steel plaques.

Vitreous enamel lasts and lasts and lasts

The vitreous enamel (also known as porcelain enamel) process fuses powdered glass to red hot metal, usually around 800 degrees Celsius. The powder melts, flows, and then hardens to a smooth, durable glassy coating.

Examples of the lasting effects of enamelling date back more than 4000 years. The ancient Egyptians used the process to create artefacts to honour their gods and pharaohs. The artefacts look as colourful and glossy today as if they are brand new.

The Titanic’s Captain Smith’s bathtub enamel has survived very well under the sea.

Collectible and almost indestructible

Most of us are familiar with porcelain enamel as the material used to make the highly collectible advertising signs produced during the early 20th Century.

The famous London Underground station signs and maps are also instantly recognisable uses of this unique product. Following the disastrous 1987 King’s Cross fire caused by flammable materials, the specification of vitreous enamel for both decorative and functional parts in underground applications is now universal.

Vitreous enamel is everywhere

You’ll be amazed at how much porcelain enamel is used in your own home. Look around and you’ll most likely see vitreous enamel in your bath, washing machine, dishwasher, heater, fire place, gas or electric cooker, BBQ, clock faces and cookware.

There’s plenty in places you can’t see too, like your hot water system, storage tanks, car exhaust systems, and printed circuits.

The building industry also uses vitreous enamel extensively in interior and exterior architectural panels, fascias, partitions and murals.

How is vitreous or porcelain enamel superior?

Vitreous enamel is odour-free, stain proof, heat resistant and impervious to practically every substance. Fired porcelain enamel has a life span of at least four times any other metal finish when exposed to ultra violet radiation from the sun.

Because vitreous enamel has the hardness of glass and the strength of steel it’s vandal-proof. The tough glassy surface is almost impossible to scratch. Solvent will easily remove painted graffiti without damaging the surface.

There aren’t too many limits to its application: Vitreous enamel can be used on any shape, size and colour you want.


Memorial plaques

Stainless steel baked vitreous enamel plaques are renowned for their durability.

  • Almost indestructible
  • Weatherproof
  • Scratch, chemical and fire resistant.
  • Graffiti resistant and stain proof

Unique memorials made to last

At Forever Shining  our vitreous or porcelain enamel plaques come with a lifetime guarantee. You can design your own from the comfort of your home with our free design tool.
Talk to our friendly team today about creating a beautiful vitreous enamel memorial, or even livening up an old headstone with a colourful, modern overlay!

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