Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Where is your business located?
A. Our main office and showroom is in Perth WA but we make and deliver memorials all over Australia. Our market is NOT limited to Australia. We have numerous distributors throughout Australia and all of our products can be ordered online or you can contact us for a free design and quote if you wish to let our design team handle it for you. We currently supply our products throughout Australia and have supplied products to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Norfolk Island, Solomon Island and other pacific islands. We also export our products to anywhere else in the world.


Q. Do stainless steel monuments require special maintenance or upkeep?
A. No, being marine grade stainless steel they are far less prone to buildup of moss or algae, than stone or concrete. If dust or any such organic matter does build up on them, a soft cloth and soapy water is all that is required for cleaning. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or materials as these will remove the protective surface layer of stainless steel.


Q. Will my cemetery allow a stainless steel memorial?
A. While every cemetery sets its own rules and regulations, there is no legitimate reason for denying the installation of a stainless steel or granite memorial. However, it is recommended that you contact your funeral director or cemetery manager to obtain approval prior to placing your order.


Q. When is the proper time to order a memorial?
A. There is a growing trend towards pre-arranging all aspects of a funeral service, as more people seek to unburden their family from having to make tough decisions at a difficult time. Others simply like to have a say in the direction, look and style of their own memorial. Ultimately, the choice is a very personal one and everyone must choose for themselves when the time is right.

Design My Own Memorial

Q. How do I design my own memorial?
A. There is a brief description of the design process on the “Design Your Product” page.
Q. What if I am looking for something more decorative or elaborate, something that your Design Tools do not do?
A. We can design and create a custom memorial for you based on your individual needs. Whilst custom designs are naturally more expensive, you are limited only by your imagination in what you could achieve with a custom monument. Please feel free to discuss your ideas with us. Design fees and specialist manufacturing fees will be incurred.


Q. How much do Forever Shining memorials, portraits and signs cost?
A. Generally, the cost of Forever Shining products is determined by the size of the item and the quantity and size of any photos, motifs, logos,text, etc. that are applied to the product. Larger, more complicated products will cost more than smaller less complicated products of the same type. An itemized price of your personalised design is available by clicking “Check Price” on the design screen of your chosen product. General information about the pricing of products is available on the “Product Pricing” page.


Q. What is the delivery time for a Forever Shining memorial?

A. Our current lead-time from date of order and payment for standard products is as follows:

Customizing the shape, size or colour can add a considerable amount of time to delivery. It is best to check the delivery time of specialized products prior to placing your order.


Q. Who will install my memorial?

A. In many country areas you will be able to install your own memorial. We can provide simple, straight forward instructions for installing plaques and headstones. Alternatively, a stone mason or experienced builder could install your memorial. We can arrange installation of your memorial at an additional cost. In larger country centres and metropolitan areas cemeteries usually require a stone mason to install memorials. Please discuss this issue with your cemetery. You can arrange the installation or we can arrange installation of your memorial at an additional cost.


Q. What size of urn is required?

A. The approximate body weight of a person or pet will determine the size of the urn required.

Various cremation processes, temperature variations and bone structure of the decedent will vary the amount of ashes produced by the cremation process.

Approximately 1 kg. of body weight will yield approximately 0.029 litres of ash.

As a rule of thumb, the following capacities may act as a guide to the size of urn required:

      • A 100kg person requires an urn of 2.9 litres or larger
      • A 80kg person requires an urn of 2.32 litres or larger
      • A 60kg person requires an urn of 1.74 litres or larger
      • A 40kg person requires an urn of 1.16 litres or larger

A cremation urn can only be too small but never too large. An urn will only be too large if you think it is. It is far better to purchase an urn that is too large than to purchase one that will not contain all the ashes of your loved one.

The standard capacity of a single adult urn should be approximately 3 litres.

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