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Bringing Innovation to Memorials

Article written by: Anthony “Ajay” Bean – Graphic Designer Forever Shining prides itself upon being innovators in the memorial industry, bringing state-of-the-art technology, innovation and creative flexibility to what was once a stagnant industry. Our online design system has given more customers access to more customisable memorials in more locations. This, combined with our friendly […]

The Facts about Laser Etching

Written by Anthony “Ajay” Bean – Graphic Designer Laser Etched images are a great choice when it comes to the inscription of your memorial. They are a modern and innovative way to customise and personalise our range of memorial goods, including our plaques, headstones, and full monuments. Laser etching is a fairly new technology, having […]

Remembering our Pets – History and Memories.

“Bork Bork, Frank, you’re doing me a bamboozle!” Article written by: Anthony “Ajay” Bean – Graphic Designer. Our pets are a huge part of our lives. There’s an old saying, “They may be with us for part of our lives, but to them, we are their entire life.” The companionship and love our furry and […]

Collecting Evidence of Misinformation in the Cemeteries Industry

Have you ever been told you can’t place a memorial supplied by Forever Shining in the cemetery of your choice? Freedom of Choice Forever Shining has surveyed nine government run cemetery businesses, which manage a total of 43 cemeteries across all the states and territories in Australia. Only 11 of those cemeteries allow their customers […]

Creating History with Stainless Steel

  There is a popular urban myth that New York’s Chrysler Building spire is built from hubcaps. In fact, the spire is made of stainless steel. Still shining proudly after more than 85 years. Stainless steel is sustainable and durable Stainless steel is a sustainable material because it “meets the needs of the present without compromising […]

Photos that never fade

Photos that never fade Preserving your memories for eternity with photos on gravestones and plaques is now easier than ever. Laser etching, relatively new to this old-fashioned industry, makes it simple to engrave photo realistic portraits into stone.[bctt tweet=”Laser etching makes it easy to engrave photo realistic portraits into stone.” username=”@ForeverShiningA”] Vitreous or porcelain enamelling […]

Preserving Your Memories for Eternity

Preserving Your Memories for Eternity The fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology in the cemetery memorials industry is transforming modern gravestones and plaques. Laser etching, relatively new to this old-fashioned industry, makes it easy to engrave photo realistic portraits into stone. Vitreous enamelling has been around for millennia. Combined with current techniques, glossy full […]

Why the Trend for Cremations is Rising Today

Cremation or burial? Ashes to ashes or dust to dust? The trend for cremations rather than burials is rising in Australia. Nationally the split between cremation and burial is about 50-50. In the cities, cremations represent around 68 per cent. Five years ago, it was around 65 per cent in urban areas. According to the Australian Financial […]